Sunday, August 9, 2009

A lazy rainy Sunday

Hey Everyone!!! Happy Sunday!!! Hope you all had a FABULOUS weekend!! Seriously can't believe its almost over.... :( Today was a crazy day- weather wise. It was hot and sunny and then dark and rainy. And then at about 6:30 another storm blew in. Aaron actually grabbed the camera to take a picture and before he could he could even take the picture SERIOUSLY 60mph winds came out of NO where and then a BIG storm started. I love a good ol' thunderstorm but this baby was WINDY!!! Kind of crazy.... This weekend was pretty low key. Aaron was back in his home town for the weekend and I took advantage of the Tax Free weekend we had here in Iowa and did some shopping. I actually didn't get much but.... I sure did a lot of looking.

Friday night Aaron and I went to see Julie and Julia. Grrreat movie!! I love it!! Meryl Streep was AMAZING!!!! Hilarious! Fantastic!! And Amy Adams was adorable. Go see it if you get the chance.... I had Panera for dinner. You pick 2. Bacon Turkey Bravo minus the bacon and there garden salad. It was Fabulous!! I love Panera. No, picture. Sorry! And Aaron had some popcorn for dinner!! Nutritious of us huh?!

Saturday morning I was able to get in about 5 mile run/walk. I ran 4 miles and then walked about a mile. It was HOT. Not as hot as I thought it was supposed to be here this weekend but definitely not some thing I've had to deal with much this summer. We've been pretty lucky here in Iowa. The weather has been pretty freaking great this summer. Can't complain... great running weather for sure.

After my run I met up with my parents at the mall and did some shopping! I was on a mission to find some "comfy shoes" for our Italy trip but was pretty unsuccessful... I'll keep looking. We spent the majority of the afternoon shopping around and for dinner mom and I met up with dad and had some Los Cabos!!! MY FAVORITE Mexican restaurant EVER!! I had the chicken fajitas and AGAIN didn't take a picture. Sorry!! They were very yummy though...

Today I woke up pretty early and decided to get some Starbucks. I figured that since I was up I might as well get my grocery shopping finished. I did some "deep" cleaning after that. Felt great!! My house needed a good deep clean. So, by 11ish I had finished all my "chores" for the day and was READY to relax!!! I did just that.... I pretty much did NOTHING today!! Which felt AMAZING!!! I needed it too... I have a very busy week ahead of me... work-wise. I did get over to see my grandparents and they gave me some tomatoes, zucchini, and peppers from there garden!! YAH!!! Can't wait to start cooking with them....

And I did just that....

Tonight, I decided to make Brushcetta for dinner with tomato and basil. IT WAS SO YUMMY!!! LOVED IT!!!

I chopped tomatoes and fresh basil and added some salt, pepper, and garlic salt to make my topping. Gorgeous huh?!

Then I cut up a loaf of bread, brushed some Olive Oil on it, and put it on my grill pan. PS- Grill pan best purchase EVER!!

After I grilled the bread I topped the slices with my tomato mixture!! And ATE!!! It was so freaking yummy!!! I love, love, love brushetta!! Love it!! And its such a SUMMER type of meal.

So yummy!! I can't stop thinking about it.... I will FOR SURE make this AGAIN VERY soon!!!
Aaawww..... what a great weekend!! So low-key and SOOOO relaxing!! :) Sad, its over but I have a BIG week ahead of me and I am READY to tackle it!! Hope you all have had a great weekend!! Not sure how much blogging I'll get in the next few days but I'll try..... Hope you have a great night!! Have a great week this week!! Talk to you soon!

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