Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I'm back!!!!! Sorry!

Good Evening Everyone!! Happy Tuesday!! Hope you are all having really great week so far and had a fabulous weekend! SORRY I've been MIA. Its been a crazy week. I can't believe tomorrow is ALMOST hump day!! Whooooo hooooo!! I don't know about you but my week is FLYING BY!!! Nice! :) Closer to the weekend! This past weekend we had SO much fun in Boji! My husband and I went to a lake about 3 hours away from here with another couple for the weekend and we had a BLAST!! The weather was kind of crummy but we still had a lot of fun. AND I am REALLLY REALLY REALLY sad to say I didn't take any pictures. Not sure why... just kind of forgot about the camera. I need to get better at that. Sorry!!

Monday was a busy day. I was swamped with work stuff and then Aaron and I decided to meet at a light store (we are looking for some new light fixtures) and then we headed to Homemakers to look at some stuff. We ended up getting a new leaning mirror for the living room and we MIGHT have found a new bedroom set. I'll let you know for sure when and if we pull the trigger. After all that I ran to the store to get some groceries. We had NOTHING in the house!! So I am happy to say we FINALLY made something exciting for dinner.

For breakfast this morning I made a little fruit salad. Blueberries, strawberries, and cantaloupe. YUMMY!!! :)
I debated about cutting up a banana too but I wasn't that hungry and decided to save it later for a snack. Mid morning I had an Activia Smoothie!! LOVE those! Mixed berry flavored and a banana.

I was able to run home for lunch and I decided to grab a 100 calorie pack of pretzel chips before I was off to target to spend the rest of my lunch break searching for a new lamp. No luck and No picture. Sorry!

Dinner was FABULOUS!!! Aaron and I both LOVED this!!! We were talking on our ride home from the lake with the couple we went to Boji with and they gave us a great idea for a new chicken dish. So, I will admit this wasn't my idea. Thanks Jeremy!!

I baked chicken tonight with fresh mozzarella, spinach, fresh basil, and some of my cute little baby tomatoes. SOOOOO YUMMY!!! Even Aaron like it!! YIPPY!!! :)

Aaron had a glass of wine with his dinner. This was a new bottle we purchased at Costco a few weekends ago. I had a little sip! Pretty tasty!!

Here is my plate. I had my chicken with some broccoli. YUMMY!! Seriously, I was so proud of myself... this was REALLY good.

Not so clear. SORRY!

Here is Aaron's plate. He had some bread sticks, corn, and broccoli with his chicken. And he LOVED this meal too!

So, I'm trying... I was so proud of myself tonight for making this. It was REALLY easy and it was so tasty!! I will definitely be making this again.
Well, I have a little bit of work I need to do before tomorrow. Seriously, I can't believe it is almost Wednesday.....what a crazy fast busy week. I didn't work out today.... just too tired. Looking forward to getting in a good run tomorrow morning. So, I need to try to get to bed early. Sorry its been a few days since my last post. Hopefully this week will be better. Have a good night!! Talk to you tomorrow!! :)

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