Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pizza Night Date Night- sort of....

Happy Thursday Everyone!!! How was your day?!?! Mine?! okay... I guess. I actually had a REALLLLLY hard time getting out of bed this morning and I didn't end up getting a work out in, but its okay.... some times you need a rest day! Right?!? I am a little bit mad at myself. Today was gorgeous and I would have loved to have gotten in a run in this fabulous weather. Tomorrow...

Tonight was ACTUALLY supposed to be a night at the Valley Junction Farmers Market but with the crazy weather I opted for plan B. Today was such a weird day. It was sunny and beautiful one minute and then down pouring the next. Gotta love Iowa.... :)

We ended up heading to Gateway Market for wine and bite for dinner. Gateway has $2 glasses of wine from 4:30pm- 6:30pm LOVE THAT!!! CHEERS!!!

We sat outside!! What a great night to sit outside and sip some vino!!! I had a glass of Chardonnay and Aaron had some Pinot Noir. I loooooooooooooooooooooooooove wine!! :)

For dinner we decided to split the Chicken Pesto Pizza. New to the menu!! And it was so delicious!!!! I am mildly obsessed with tomatoes so it totally made my night to get in a few on the pizza. AND I love, love, love pesto!!! Supposedly my parents are making some homemade tonight so... I'll let you know how that turned out for them.....

The crust was crunchy!! Aaron's favorite!!

MMMMmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love pizza!!! Isn't pizza and vino the best combo EVER??

My slice with some fresh basil!!!
I seriously LOVE Gateway Market!! The menu is so diverse and you can't beat a $2 glass of wine. For dessert- because dinner is always better with dessert we had some mini cheese cakes!

Just enough... I had chocolate chip and Aaron had mint something.... Both were SOOO good!!! Especially with a little sip of wine!

Almost Friday!!! TGIF!!! I can't wait!! Any big plans this weekend??? I will be spending a large portion of the weekend "shopping" for last minute things for our trip to Italy!!! I'll be out of town next weekend in Chicago for a wedding so this is really my last few days to get some stuff ready!!! We really are sooooo excited!!! Sept 4th can't get here soon enough!! PS- we never actually finished the movie last night... usually we aren't people that just turn movies off but last night was an exception. So, nothing to report! SORRY!!! Hope you all have an AMAZING and FAST Friday!!! Talk to you soon!! :)

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