Monday, August 17, 2009

Never fear... I'm still HERE!!!

Hello EVERYONE!!! Happy Monday!!!!! How was your weekend?? How is your week going so far??! We had a busy weekend!!! Friday night was a fun dinner with friends and Saturday night we made the trip to Rochester for our twin niece and nephew's baptism on Sunday. Quick little trip but soooooo great to see everyone!! Today was a busy day as well... gotta love Mondays! I actually made a VERY yummy dinner and took pictures of it BUT we bought a new camera tonight and I want to play with that so.... no pictures tonight!! Tomorrow- Promise... well... may be NOT tomorrow... We are heading to the IOWA STATE FAIR tomorrow night so... probably Wednesday. Forgive me PLEASEEEEE and hang in there!! I'm VERY excited to use the new camera!!! I'll post lots of pictures next blog! Okay?!?!!... off to play!! Talk to you all VERY SOON!!! Have a great night!!

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