Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Salad Eating Machine

Gooooood Evening Everyone!! Happy Hump day!!! How is your Wednesday treating you?! I had an okay Wednesday! Work has had me a little bit stressed out but I'm hanging in there.... another day closer to Friday. So, I just realized that the 3 out of 4 meals (not including breakfast) have been salads the past few days!! Yummmmy!!! Tuesday for lunch I had a Cashew Chicken Salad from Culver's. Not pictured and really not that bad either. I was on the road and had few choices... Last night I met my mom for a glass of wine and dinner at Gateway Market! We both had a couple glasses of Chardonnay and the Market Salad!! LOVED it!!!

A GREAT mix of greens topped with some Feta cheese!! Yummy!! It was gorgeous here yesterday and this salad and a glass of vino was just what the I needed after a loooong day of work!! We did however; keep droooling over all the other fabulous dishes they were bringing out for other tables so I will probably try to branch out next visit.
Today I had an Activia Smoothie for breakfast!! I didn't work out this morning so I wasn't all that hungry but by lunch I was STARVING!!!!!! I actually hurried up and made an egg white sandwich with a little bit of cheese on a bagel. I know, I know.... bagels are grrreat for you but I've been craving them and finally decided to give in and by some at the store this past weekend and I've enjoyed every single bit I've had- thank you very much!!
For dinner we had a Mexican Fiesta!!! Aaron made beef tacos...
And I grilled some shrimp and tomatoes for a Mexican Shrimp salad. YUMMY!!! It was fabulous!! And the shrimp was AMAMZING!!!!

I topped it with a little bit of cheese and some salsa!!! So FREAKING good!!

A very light summerish salad!! PS the tomatoes are from my little tomato plant and they were really sweet and really yummy!! I'm very proud of my gardening skills!! My love for tomatoes has really grown this summer!

And for dessert......
I stole this bad boy from my parents house earlier this week!! Can you FREAKING believe Halloween candy is ALREADY in the stores!!!???!???! I love Halloween candy!! I also grabbed a bag of Candy Corn this week at the store too!! I've had a couple handfuls here and there! :) Aaron and I split this tonight and it really hit the spot!!! So delicious!! Not ready for fall yet but I will take advantage of the sweet treats while we have them.
Well... that's all folks!!! I am really really ready for a relaxing evening!! I need it!! Trust me! Long week so far..... Hope you all have a great night!!! Talk to you soon!!

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