Thursday, July 16, 2009

A 50 cent a rose surprise

Good Evening Everyone!!! How was your Thursday? My day just seemed to DRAG on FOREVERRR!!! So.... you know what that means.... I needed to have a glass of wine! Pinot Grigio to be exactly.... normally I would go for a Chard but... I accidentally grabbed the wrong thing at the store! WHOOPS!!! Oh well! It was good- regardless and totally hit the spot!

So... after blogging this morning I all the sudden got really hungry!!! So... I decided to cut a Cliff bar in 1/2! I wasn't dying.... so I didn't need the whole thing but... just a few bites!! Have you ever tried a Cliff bar? If so, what is your favorite?

This bar literally tastes like a chocolate brownie!! LOVE IT!!! AND fills you up! Totally hit the spot this morning!! :) Today I had a lunch and my counterpart ordered Tasty Tacos!! Ever heard of them?? Or had them??? She also ordered the flour tacos- Yum, Yum!! But TERRIBLE for you!!! I decided to pass on the tacos myself so no picture but I did grab a handful of chips with some salsa!! I am pretty sure I told you guys earlier but I LOVE salsa!!! I've been working REALLLY hard on portion control and today I was very proud of myself as I walked away from the chips!! Just a few was all I need to satisfy my craving!! I'm trying here people!! I'm trying.....

So... the last few times I've popped in the local grocery store I've noticed they are having a HUGE sale on roses!! I think its like 50cent a rose!! WHAT A DEAL!!!! So... I have been hinting to the hubby but no roses.... BUMMER!! I love fresh flowers!!! They just put my in a happy mood!!! Wouldn't you agree?? And today he FINALLY surprised me with a beautiful bouquet!! Aren't they soooooo pretty!??!?!

Am I a lucky girl or what??? Love you Aaron!!! Thank you!! You totally brightened my day!! :) You are the best!!! Love them!! And pink is my favorite flower color!! So.. after a glass of wine on the deck we started to grill. Did I mention that today is just GORGEOUS?!!! It's so nice outside!!
I marinated my salmon in some Newman's Own Low Fat Sesame Ginger dressing. It was the perfect fit with my salmon!! Have you ever tried this dressing??
I decided to just put the salmon over a salad. Pretty boring... I know!! But the flavor combo was pretty much AMAZING!!!! I will definitely put this dressing on my salmon again?? Do you guys use salad dressings as marinades?? I've found it to be more economical- I can then use the dressing for my salads!!

Here is Aaron's plate! We both agreed he needed some more color but.... he didn't really want any salad tonight! Aaron's salmon had a jerk marinade and he put some pineapple over the top of it. He is it was good but... I didn't try any myself so I can't really say for sure! But it sure smelled delicious!!!

Okay, I have a confession.... I on occasion will eat like a child!!! I have a HUGE sweet tooth and normally like to have a little or a lot of something for dessert after I eat!! :) I'm trying to work on portion control on this one to guys.... I swear!!! So... tonight I decided to have a few Scooby sticks for dessert!!! They totally look like dog treats but... pretty much test like a Teddy Gram!!! Only, they are better b/c they look like little dog treats!!

Aren't they cute??? So yummy!!! I will say my favorite thing to do at the grocery store is find new treats like this and buy them up and try them out!! This was a good pick!! You should for sure try them out.... even if you are an adult!! :)

Well... I think that's it guys!! Not a whole lot left to say for today... hope you all have a great Thursday night!!! We have NOTHING planned for the evening but I am planning on reading my book! Update: I LOVE this book!! You should give it a try if you are looking for a fun summer read!! Hopefully I can get a big chunk of it read this weekend! In between paint samples that is... Have a good night guys!! Hope your dinner was as delicious as ours!! Talk to you tomorrow!! :)

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  1. Your dinner looked really good. I love salsa too - especially fresh salsa! So good.

    The roses are beautiful. Lucky girl!