Friday, July 17, 2009


Good Morning Everyone!!! HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!! I am soooo ready for the weekend!! It was a long week!!! A Very long week!! Okay guys.... I did it!! Well... I sort of did it!!! I decided to go to the gym today and try the whole running at an incline thing!! WHOA!!!! Intense!!! I started mile 1 at 2.5 and then mile 2 move up to 5.5 and that pretty much kick my butt!!! I was dying.... but... held on for the WHOLE mile!!!! At mile 3 I took it down to 2.0 and then about half way through I took it back up to 3.5 and FINALLY finished up mile 4 at 1.5. Needless to say.... my legs will be VERY sore tomorrow! I can already feel it but... it just made me think that I REALLLY need to start mixing up my workouts again. The challenge was good!! Not sure I will be working my way up to 8.0 incline anytime soon but... at least I have a goal I'd like to try and hit sooner then later!! :)

For breakfast I had some more of the cantaloupe and blueberries. YUM, YUM!! And an english muffin and PB!!! It was a great flavor combo and I feel very full and satisfied!!!!!

The blueberries are gone now. SAD. I'll have to pick some more up at the store this weekend. Hopefully they are still on sale!!

I hope that today goes by quickly... I am really looking forward to the weekend!! Not sure what we will be doing tonight or what we will be having for dinner but, I'll be sure to let you know!! Hope you all have a GREAT Friday!!! Talk to you soon!

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