Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Green Weekend

Hey Everyone!!! Sorry I've been MIA!!! It has been a VERY busy weekend!!! Hope your weekend is going GRRRREAT!!!! Saturday afternoon Aaron and spent the day putting different shades of green up on the wall and FINALLY Saturday night we made the final decision... that story will come later! Aaron played golf with some friends in the afternoon and after a couple of hours at the mall I decided it was time for a work out!!! So I went to a lake by my parents house where there is a trail and had an 8 mile work out!! YES!!! 8 miles!!! The first 2 miles I walked with my Dad!! Fun times!! And after he left I decided to do another 6 on my own. Running!! Yes, I ran another 6! I was pretty proud of myself!! It is a pretty flat surface there so the run wasn't that bad!! AND it was beautiful here so... I couldn't help but want to keep going in the 70 something degree weather we had!! After I got home I was STARVING!!! I tried to wait awhile to eat with Aaron when he was going to get home but... I just couldn't so, I had to settle for a Lean Cuisine!! It actually wasn't that bad...

Aaron brought himself home Chinese, this brownie mix, and a movie for us for the night! We hurried up and put the mix together.... I know, I know!! Pathetic.... I should be doing this from scratch but... I didn't go to the store with him and I figured it would be easier for him to just get a box then several different ingredients!!! They were actually pretty good!! I had one during the movie! We rented Knowing staring Nicolas Cage. I probably wouldn't watch this again and I am REALLLY glad we didn't pay movie theater prices for this one... not the best I've seen!!
This morning I got up and cleaned the house- dusted and vacuumed!! I love a clean house and started on the laundry too... I usually go to the grocery store on Sundays but we decided it was time to start the PAINT PROJECT!!!!!! :) And before I knew it I was starving and there was NO way I was going to go the store that hungry... I would have bought the whole store up!! So I ran to Quiznos and grabbed a salad!! I love there chop salads!!! Isn't it so pretty??!! So... we didn't really do a whole lot of "cooking" this weekend but... we were VERY productive and finished our paint project!!!

I had another brownie for dessert!!! I love a little something sweet after I eat!! And the brownie totally hit the spot!! I wasn't able to take a picture of the brownie tho... I ate to fast so that I could get back to painting!!!!
Here is the beginning of our painting project.... We just did the small eating area in our kitchen!! Here is Aaron and my dad!!

We decided we needed to do some more taping before we could go any further.... :)

Isn't that green AMAZING!!!! I LOVE IT!!! Love, love, love it!!! :) We are so happy with how it turned out!!!
Our little fan trying to dry it up before I did some touch ups!!!

AND.... THE FINAL PICTURE!!!!! Isn't it GREAT!!!????? It actually makes our kitchen area look bigger!! And it really adds a modern touch to the kitchen!! I love green too!!! I just LOVE this color!!! I am so happy with how it turned out!! :)

So... overall the weekend was a success!!! I might not have made or ate the most exciting things to blog about... but we sure did get the kitchen adorable to start cooking MORE in!!! I am sooooo tired!! I am ready for bed!!! But... its still pretty early so.... I am going to try to relax and read some more of my book. Tomorrow will be a VERY busy day again and I'll have to make time to go to the store tomorrow sometime. I am going to try to plan a few things to cook this week BEFORE I go to the store. Hopefully I will have LOTS of exciting FOOD to blog about this week.... Hope you guys all have a great night!!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!! Did your weekend fly by too?? I get so sad Sunday nights... not sure where the weekend went! Talk to you tomorrow!! Good Night!

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