Sunday, July 26, 2009

A weekend recap

Whoa, what a crazy busy weekend we had!! How are you? How was your weekend? I can't believe it is almost over. BOOO!!! :( Sunday nights make me so sad. But, enough about that... lets recap the weekend. Friday night we stayed in and tried to finish up painting. We were up pretty late working but, did exactly finish it just yet... a few touch-ups are needed!! Saturday morning we woke up pretty early to get going on some of the touch-ups. I had the last of the blueberries while Aaron ran to the store to get some Starbucks.

I had a skinny latte. I love STARBUCKS!!! What a way to start a Saturday huh?!

Aaron also surprised me with a bagel. YUMMY!! :)

I cut the bagel in 1/2 and toasted it. I topped it with some I can't believe its not butter spray. BORING!!! I know, but I love it!

Here is Aaron taking some of the tape off. Isn't that color FABULOUS!! We love it!! I am very happy with how it turned out. I just wish my couch would FREAKING get here!!

Our formal dinning room.... Don't worry, we are getting a new light fixture!! I'd like to go looking for one this week but, we will see.

Saturday afternoon I did a 4 mile run again and it KICKED my butt!! It was TERRIBLE!! It was so freaking windy and it was hot and I have a REALLY REALLY REALLY hard time working out in the afternoon. I would way prefer a workout in the morning to the evening. How about you??! Saturday night we went over to one of Aaron's co-workers house for a cook out!! We had a lot of fun!! We brought some chicken and steak over to grill and they supplied the sides. Some fresh fruit and pasta salads! It was yummy!! No, pictures though.... SORRY!!! I forgot my camera at home.
This morning I wanted to use some of the eggs and the bread we had so I made Aaron some breakfast!! The kitchen smelled so good!! Sonoma wasn't sure what I was making but, she sure wanted some.....

We love her.... she got a few bites don't worry!!

Isn't that french toast beautiful!?!? Aaron made some bacon while I whipped up the french toast.

I had the other 1/2 of my bagel with egg whites and some cheese!!

Today we ran around like crazy people!! We went to Costco, Homemakers, Slumberland (Yep, still looking for a bedroom set), and HyVee and before we knew it was 4:00 and we were starving!! I decided this morning that I wanted to try and make some of the Planko crusted chicken strips. They were REALLY REALLY good!! But, first when we were at the store and were VERY hungry Aaron decided he wanted to get some bread to dip in an olive oil balsamic mixture. This was our little appetizer and was VERY tasty!

While the chicken strips were baking I grabbed a couple of the baby tomatoes off my little plant on the deck. She is getting so big!! I am so proud of her... and the tomatoes are so yummy!!

My salad. I actually mixed up a little bit of bbq sauce and fat free ranch for some dipping sauce. I love, love, love that combo.

I really liked how crunchy these strips were!!

Here is Aaron's salad. He added some Parmesan cheese and some raspberry vinaigrette dressing to his salad.

One more of my salad all mixed up!! We made a lot of the strips so I'll some how have to eat them tomorrow for leftovers! May be a wrap?!?! We will see....

Well, I need to get going and get prepared for the work week! :( Plus tomorrow is a BIG day!! I am planning on having MY FIRST EVER Green Monster Smoothie!! I can't WAIT to try it... Hope you all had a great weekend!! Have a fabulous rest of your Sunday night!! Talk to you tomorrow!!

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