Monday, July 20, 2009

Yep- those tomatoes on my shrimp skewers are from my tomato plant!!!

Good Evening Everyone!!!! How are things!?? How was your Monday?? Mine, was okay. Sort of went a little bit long.... I broke my work computer. Well... sort of broke it. It is still usable but my swivel doesn't work. So... there I was meeting with one of my providers and POW!!! It totally falls apart on me!! LOVE IT!!!!! Oh, well... what can you do!? I'll get a knew one tomorrow. Thank goodness!! I've needed a new one for a while and I've just been putting it off. So, after work I went to the grocery store. I got a bunch of different things!! Veggies, fruit, shrimpies, steak skewer, chips, bread, turkey, Skinny Cows, milk, Activia smoothie, pepper jack cheese, and some more Scooby treats. :) There was more but... I just can't remember now! SORRY!!! I'm sure you will see pictures this week.

For lunch I brought Tasty Tacos again! No, pictures- again! SORRY! I did eat the chicken and lettuce out of the shell even tho.. I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to eat the flour shell!! It looked SOOOOOOO yummy but, so bad for you. After work and the trip to the store I went for about a 2 mile walk with my mom. It was so cool and beautiful outside I just couldn't sit inside! It SERIOUSLY feels like a fall night- NOT A MID JULY night!! WHERE IS SUMMER??!! Where is the heat?? Seriously?! Regardless, the walk was very relaxing and I wasn't just sitting at home waiting for Aaron to finish mowing the lawn so we could grill. Yes, that right!! We grilled tonight!!
Here are my shrimpies!! I put 2 tomatoes from my tomato plant on the skewer. I just realized I should I have taken a picture of my plant for you all to see. It is just a little guy but, there are already tons of baby tomatoes growing! So excited about it!!!!

I decided to just put the shrimp over a salad!! It was delicious!! Isn't that a bright colored, yummy looking salad right there??!! AND I wasn't just stuffed after eating it.

Here is Aaron's dinner:

Aaron grilled steak and had salad and corn. YUMMY huh???

Well, that's it for Monday.... I've felt sort of out of it today so I am hoping to relax the next few hours and then hit the sack EARLY!! I still haven't been sleeping well and I'd really like to get a good solid night sleep before tomorrow!! We might and that is a very BIG might start to tape off the living room so we can start painting that room this week but, I am pretty tired and I sort of just want to relax!!! So... may be that will be a project for tomorrow night. Hope you all had a great Monday!!! Have a relaxing night.... I will talk to you tomorrow! Sleep tight tonight! :) I know, I am hoping I do....

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