Saturday, July 18, 2009

Date night and paint colors

Good Afternoon Everyone!! Hope you are all having a VERY relaxing/productive Saturday!! Sorry no post last night!! The night got away from me. I spend most of the day yesterday out of town. For lunch I grabbed a Yo plait Smoothie and a Fiber One bar from Target while I was shopping around on my lunch hour. I also got some new running shorts and tank tops!! I love shopping at Target!! Probably one of my favorite stores EVER!!!!

Last night Aaron and I had a date night!! We had dinner at Mezzodi's and went to see Away We Go at the Fleur Cinema. I don't have any pictures of dinner though... I totally forgot my camera at home!! SORRY! We split a pizza 1/2 Margherita and 1/2 sausage and pepperoni. It was so yummy!!! I REALLY wish I had a picture to show you all because it really was such a pretty pizza!! I also had a glass of Chard and Aaron had some beer!! After dinner we headed across the parking lot to see the movie! It was a great flick!! Too funny!! I loved the cast too! I would totally recommend it! I don't want to say too much... in case you want to see it yourself but, totally worth the ridiculous price movies are these days!

This morning we had some coffee.... Aaron made it for us!! Here is my cup in my Denver mug!! We visited some friends that live there this spring and got this mug on the trip!! :) That was such a fun trip!!! Ever been to Denver? Such a beautiful place!!!

So after my coffee and sitting outside -enjoying the BEAUTIFUL weather we are having here today we decided to go to Sherwin-Williams and pick out some paint samples!! Right now we have a couple different shades of green up on the wall and a gorgeous taupe I think we are going to FOR SURE go with... still not decided on the greens though! We will let you as soon as we make the decision!! I did get us VERY excited to start painting!!! It will be a huge project but totally worth it! Not sure what I will be doing the rest of the day... Aaron is playing golf with some friends and I am thinking about hitting up the mall and then a loooong run/walk this afternoon! Gotta get out and enjoy this weather!! I'll try to post later tonight and let you know what are plans are and what it is we end up having for dinner. Lunch will be left over pizza!!

Enjoy your Saturday!!! Talk to you soon!

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