Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tomato and Couch Potato Tuesday

Hello Everyone!! Hope you all had a fabulous Tuesday!! Is it just me or are these summer days just flying by??? I love summer and am so sad to see it going by soooo quickly! :( Today was a BIG DAY!!! Besides being EXTREMELY busy with work we managed to order a NEW laptop!!! Well, Aaron ordered a new lapton for us!! A MUCH NEEDED ONE!! We've been having problems with our current one for a looooooong time now! Can't wait for it to come!! And I FINALLY got a call that my couch is in. Well... I wouldn't really say that it is "in" but is in the Chicago area ready to be shipped and will be shipping to ME mid-August!! So... I still have to wait a VERY LOOONG time until I get it but, at least I have a date. So... that means project!!! Paint project to be exact. I am going to start looking at some colors this weekend!! Fun, fun, fun!I want to paint our formal living room and dinning room before the couch comes. I'll let you know what we decide to go with...

Tonight we decided to grill. Aaron opted for steak and potatoes and I made a chicken, tomato, cheese, and basil wrap. YUMMMMY!!!!!!! We were both very satisfied after our meals. Pictured below is Aaron's plate. Doesn't it look yummy?? I know I said I was going to try to cook more but... doesn't grilling count??!!

How pretty is that plate??
Pictured below is my beautiful sweet basil plant. I have both a basil and tomato plant on our deck... baby steps people, baby steps!!

I found these wraps this past week at the store and I am kind of mildly obsessed!! They are ONLY 80 calories and have 12 grams of fiber!! Have you ever tried them???

I grilled both the chicken breast and the zucchini. I then placed the grilled chicken in the wrap and on my panini maker!!! SOOO YUMMY!!!!! I love these flavors together! I must say dinner was very satisfying!! I AM SOOO FULL!!

So whats on the agenda for Tuesday night.... not a whole lot at our house. I will probably try to play around with the blog and figure it all out. I haven't had much time to do so!! I also started reading a new book this week Julie and Julia Project by Julie Powell. I'm not very far into it but, so far I AM LOVING IT!! Can't wait to see the movie!! Do you ever read books and then see the movie and feel disappointed?? Or vice-versa?? I hope this one won't disappoint!
Hope you all have a great night!! Talk to you tomorrow!

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