Friday, July 24, 2009

Crazy paint lady

HAPPY Friday EVERYONE!!! TGIF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) So sorry I've been MIA!! Last night I wasn't feeling all that great. I didn't do much for dinner. I met my parents at Palmer's Deli and shared some pasta salad with my pops!! I would've taken pictures last night but, I just wasn't feeling it. This morning I did get up and get about 4.5 miles in but, I was in a rush to get ready for the day before ANOTHER CC. After the call I rushed out for the day and by the time I got home my parents were at our house helping us paint. AND that's about ALL we've done tonight. A little bit boring but, once its all done its going to look great. We are still in the process of painting.... hoping to finish it all tonight. We will see..... For dinner we carried out Wok In Motion!! Yum, Yum, Yum! We had a couple of different kinds of sushi, pot stickers, egg rolls, and crab Rangoon. It was an AMAZING dinner!! I love Wok In Motion!!! Well, I hate to cut this short and not post any pics but, I have to get back to taping/painting!! Hope you all have a fabulous Friday night!! I'll be better about blogging this weekend!! We just want to get this paint project OVER!!! Talk to you tomorrow! Night, Night!

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