Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Veggie Pasta Experiment

Good Evening Everyone!! How was your Tuesday??! My day wasn't too bad. I had to stay home most of the morning to sign for my new work computer. And was pleasantly surprised when the NEW computer Aaron ordered last week came at the SAME time!! YIPPY!!!!! We have a new computer to play with tonight!!! LOVE IT!!! Don't you just love NEW things!? So, this post will be quick... gotta get to the new toy downstairs!! :)

For dinner I decided to try something new..... It turned out okay.... just okay though. Here is all I put in it:
  • Broccoli
  • whole wheat pasta
  • zucchini
  • tomato
  • I Can't Believe Its Not Butter spray
  • Parmesan cheese

I steamed the broccoli in the steamer and grilled the veggies on my grill pan. Here are my veggies before I mixed it all together.

YUM, YUM!!!! They actually were REALLY good!! I just put a little bit of PAM in the pan. Nothing to exciting... but the tomatoes were really good and gave the pasta most of its flavor!!

It was pretty simple to make and I liked that I was able to get in some veggies. I love pasta and usually don't eat it much in the summer. That is, unless it's a pasta salad but, because it was a cooler day today I figured it might be a nice change.
AND of course I had dessert!!!

This little puppy was a Skinny Cow Skinny Dipper!! The box has both vanilla and caramel favors dipped in a chocolate coating. Isn't is the cutest little thing ever??! Just 80 calories. It totally hit my sweet tooth spot! I would HIGHLY recommend trying these babies out. So, I am trying guys.... this pasta was sort of a quick fix but, I AM TRYING!! At least I decided to try something new instead of having a boring turkey sandwich like I was thinking earlier. How do you guys come up with things to eat for dinner?? Do you try out new recipes? Do you just put something together quickly? Or do you really think about it and plan it all out? I am just trying to figure this cooking thing out... and keep it healthy along the way! Okay, I want to go play with the computer. :) Have a great night!! Talk to you soon!!

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  1. Whew, I am glad you clarified that that little puppy was a skinny cow skinny dipper! I just finished up a skinny cow sanwich- so tasty. 130 cals., 1.5g of fat AND 3g of fiber. They are so healthy I should probably eat 2, right? I love skinny cow. Now only if they would come out with a skinny cow margarita :) XO's Ali