Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wrap # 2 and Sonoma

Good Evening Everyone!! Hope your Hump Day is going well. Sonoma asked VERY sweetly this afternoon if she could please, please, pleaseeeeeee be pictured in the blog!! She was very excited when I agreed!!! She even sat still for the photo which, is a BIG DEAL!!! Isn't she cute??? We just love her!!!

Sonoma sitting next to me while I blog!! LOVE HER!!!! :)
I was able to come home for lunch today! I had some blueberries and cantaloupe!! It was so yummy!! The cantaloupe was very juicy!!

I was still hungry after the fruit bowl and decided to munch on some pretzel chips, hummus, and salsa!! I love salsa!!

My hummus is almost gone so I was literally scraping the container to get some more out!! I've tried some of the different flavored hummus but so far the classic is my favorite!! Any recommendations for flavors to try??

I know, I know it was totally necessary to photograph the salsa jar but I have to tell you I just recently re-found this kind. I was mildly obsessed with it a while back and then all the sudden it just disappeared!!! I couldn't find it ANY WHERE!!!! I went to several stores all over town like a crazy women trying to find it and it had VANISHED!!! Finally... I gave up!! But a few weeks ago I found it again at a random grocery store and I was SOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED I bought 3 jars!! I think I like am so obsessed with this salsa b/c it is so liquidy!! Just like at the restaurants!! Probably why its in the name huh?!? Smart girl!! :)

So... sad to say it but dinner wasn't all that interesting. I hadn't had any veggies today and a salad didn't sound very good to I decided on broccoli but, just plain old broccoli didn't sound very appetizing either so.... I decided to make it a wrap!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a broccoli and cheese wrap!! Have you ever tried one?? If not you MUST!! Its super easy!!! I just took the same tortilla I had last night put a little bit of cheese on it and topped it with some steamed broccoli.

Isn't it pretty?? So cheezzzzzzzzzzzzzzy!!! I love cheese!! Wish I didn't love it so much!! Moderation is the key! For dessert I tried some of this new honey popcorn I found at Target!! It was actually pretty good and satisfied my sweet tooth!! I have a HUGE sweet tooth! In fact its an addition!! I'm trying really hard to get it under control but, sometimes its just too strong!! Do you guys have food weaknesses??? Things you wish you didn't like as much as you do??

Well... I must go!! We have BIG plans for tonight!! We are first going to go visit my grandparents and after that heading over to my aunt and uncle's to finish- well.... TRY to finish planning our Italy trip!! We are SOOOO EXCITED!!!! Can't wait!!! September can't get here soon enough!! ACTUALLY I take that back! I don't want to wish summer away AT ALL!!! I just can't wait for our trip!! Hopefully our dinner tomorrow night will be more interesting then it was tonight.... hang in there with me... I've had a busy week!! I promise these food posts will be more interesting!!
Have a great night!! Talk to you tomorrow!!!


  1. Omg - what a brilliant idea - brocc + cheese wrap?! I know what I'm packing for lunch tomorrow!!!

  2. It is SO yummy!! You will love it!! :)