Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I've been a BAD blogger

Let me first start by saying I think I was just punished by the computer b/c I've been a VERY bad blogger lately. I went to grab the computer and it shocked me. Literally, shocked me. Not just a little shock, but a BIG one!!! It actually still kind of hurts.... So, the blogger gods have spoke and let me tell you I will listen. Ouch! It still hurts! I will try to be better... SORRY!!! So, anyway... HAPPY HUMP DAY!!! How was is your week going?? Mine has been very busy!! Very, very busy! I don't have this exciting list of things I've been doing. In fact, I'm not sure what I've been doing but, I've been busy. Time has flown by the past few days. SERIOUSLY!! Does it feel like a Thursday to anyone else??! I've been thinking its Thursday allllllll day today. I think I'm just ready for the weekend. Any exciting plans for the weekend? We are thinking we are going to be heading to Okoboji this weekend but, there are few kinks we still need to smooth out. Working on it....

So, Tuesday was a very busy day. I had a lot going on for work and then when I finally got home from work I had MORE work to do. I spent the majority of the night last night WORKING!! BOOO!!! Oh, well... some times you gotta do it. For breakfast Tuesday I made a mini fruit salad. YUMMY!!! I was so full after this baby. Isn't it colorful?

It had banana, blueberries, strawberries, and cantaloupe. Perfect mix of flavors! I was actually able to get home for lunch on Tuesday afternoon as well. I love getting to go home for lunch. I actually met Aaron there and I made a wrap with some of the leftover chicken strips I made on Sunday night. I was so full after this.

I actually threw this baby on the grill pan. I wanted a grilled sandwich instead of a microwaved wrap. Much better option! :)

We actually didn't do much for dinner at our house last night... I was busy working and Aaron was busy touching up still from the painting we did this weekend and then we moved all the furniture out of the living, dinning, and family rooms because we were going to have the carpets cleaned today. And when I say "we" I mean Aaron. :) So, dinner pretty much consisted of me snacking on some more fruit and I had a package of pretzel crisps. I love those things!
This morning I ran 4 miles. I know, boring... I'd like to get up and run more but, its been hard for me to get out of bed in the mornings... and FINALLY figured out why- it isn't bright and sunny in the mornings like it used to be a few weeks ago. SAD!!!!!!!!!!! :( That means summer is coming to an end... the day light isn't as much as it used to be in the mornings. That depresses me. I'm just NOT ready for summer to end. BOooooo!!
So, for breakfast a I had a bowl of cereal with a banana and blueberries and for lunch I was traveling so I didn't get much to eat. I did have an Activia Smoothie again mid-morning.

This might be my new favorite breakfast. I love the cereal mixed with the fruit and I REALLY fills me up for the morning.

I didn't have a whole lot for dinner either or NOTHING really worth blogging about. I did have a little bit of turkey with some pepper jack cheese when I got home from work and I did have some cantaloupe before I left the house to go visit my grandparents and Aunt but, other then that nothing to exciting. I have a pretty good feeling I will be STARVING in the morning especially since I am pretty hungry right now. I hate to eat this late so I am refusing to do so. So tomorrow's breakfast will surely be a big one. :) Well... I am going to get ready for bed. Sorry, I've been a bad blogger and SORRY I haven't really eaten anything worthy of blogging about the last few days- I PROMISE tomorrow will be better. Promise. Hope you all have a great night tonight!! It's almost Thursday..... That much closer to Friday! YAHHHHhhh!! :) Night, Night!

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