Sunday, July 12, 2009

My first EVER blog post!

Hello!! Happy Sunday! So... I FINALLY decided to start blogging!! I am very excited about this! A lot of my friends and family don't live in the Des Moines area and I thought this blog might be a great way to stay in touch and keep everyone updated on our life. I've also been telling my husband for a while now that I am going to start cooking more and that hasn't happened yet... So I am hoping this will help with that as well!! :) We had a big weekend this weekend!! It was actually the first weekend in a while that we weren't out of town. I was very excited about spending the weekend in Des Moines. Friday night was pretty low key. Aaron and I went to see Public Enemies which was a really good movie. Would recommend it! You will soon find out Aaron and I see A LOT of movies!! I'll try to blog about our thoughts on the ones we see. Saturday was a BIG day! Woke up and cleaned out both spare bedrooms while Aaron did some man work- yard work! After that we ran a couple of errands Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Home Depot, Target, and HyVee. Aaron and I decided to switch out ALL of the brass gold light fixtures, door knobs, and door hinges with brushed nickel ones this past week. A HUGE project but... we are ALMOST finished!! We are super excited about it and it made huge improvements!! Saturday night we celebrated my friend Hillary boyfriend's 30th birthday with dinner at Taki and drinks at Drink. Yes, this is the same bar Aaron and I met in and I am pretty sure we have MAY BE been back there a handful of times. It was so much fun!! Today has consisted of Starbucks this morning and trips to Lowes, Costco, Best Buy and HyVee. We thinking about buying a new camera and possible a new laptop any suggestions? Send them our way! Well.. I am planning on making dinner a few nights a week and blogging about the experience and I am looking forward to any comments or ideas or suggestions you might have to help me out with this "learning experience." I'm not a TERRIBLE cook but... I could use some work. :) This is it for the first post. I'll try to blog daily! I am very excited about this!!! Oh, I almost forgot!! Aaron and I have booked a trip to Rome, Italy in Sept. and we are clueless!! We are trying to plan most of it with my aunts and uncle who will be going as well but... ANY advice would be much appreciated!! Things to do and NOT to do- anything would be helpful!! Have a great Sunday night everyone!! Talk to you tomorrow!!

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  1. Yay - fellow Iowan!! Can't wait to read more!