Monday, July 13, 2009

Breakfast and and the Bee

Good Morning Everyone!! Hope you all had a great weekend and Sunday night! I didn't sleep very well last night.... not sure why. But when the alarm went off and it was time to get up and work out I did debate about shutting it off and going back to bed, BUT I have a busy day and night and I HATE to work out at night so I pulled myself out a of bed and put my shoes on! I did a 4 mile run this morning!! I love running outside! I prefer it over the treadmill for sure. Well... at about mile 2 a had run in with a bee or what I thought was a bee! It was some sort of a bug and I hate bugs!! I started running around in circles to get the thing AWAY from and it wouldn't leave me alone. I started kicking at it and swinging my arms and NOTHING! It wasn't until I tripped in a crack in the sidewalk and my ipod when flying that it left me alone. One of those moments when you hope no one just saw.... of course someone did!! I looked behind me as I picked up my ipod and there is find a cop car!! GOING REALLY SLOW and I am sure watching the WHOLE thing!! How embarrassing!!! Has that ever happened to you?
Now for breakfast! I love breakfast foods!! This morning I decided to go with some ceral, blueberries, and a banana. Do you eat breakfast? What are your favorite breakfast foods? I have to eat breakfast in the morning especially after I work out or I'll be starving by 9:30.

Not exactly sure what is on the menu for lunch or dinner. I have work meetings today so... I'll let you know what we do for lunch and as far as dinner is concerned NOT A CLUE!! We are probably going to grill but... not sure about sides!! Do you plan meals ahead of time or just figure it out when you get home! Let me know if you have any good quick dinner recipes!! I'd love to try them out!!
Happy Monday! Talk to you soon!!

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  1. Tina you are funny. Your breakfast looks great. Can't wait to see what you eat for the rest of the day! We are making BLT's tonight!!