Monday, July 13, 2009

MANIC Monday

Hello Everyone-

WHOA!!! What a crazy Monday I had..... We had orignally planned on grilling out tonight but, that didn't go as planned. I ended up having to do some work before my hair cut appt. this evening. So... what I have for you is what Aaron made for dinner. Aaron had some tacos!! Don't they look yummy!! I didn't have any b/c I had to hurry up and leave before he was finished making them but, they sure look yummy!! And I wanted to post something for you so this is what you get. Hopefully tomorrow will be more interesting!!

My lunch today was provided for me, as I was in meetings all day! I had some salad and some chicken filled with spinach and sun dried tomatoes!! Not bad... but not the best meal I've ever had. I didn't have time to take any picture of it!! SORRY!!! So... you get my snack!!! I had an Activia Strawberry Smoothie!! I love these things!! I didn't really eat much for dinner tonight either. Like I said before my day was CRAZY busy!!!

Well... I have a some more work I need to get done before I can read my book so I have to run but, I promise tomorrow will be a much better post! Sorry not very interesting!! Or YUMMY! :( Hang in there with me.... I promise this blog will get more interesting!!
Have a great night!! Talk to you soon!

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