Thursday, July 23, 2009

A cup of joe kind of morning

Happy Thursday Everyone and Good Morning!! It is almost Friday!! YAH!!! :) This morning I really wanted a cup of coffee. I needed a little bit of a pick up!! MMMMmmmmmm coffee!! Do you guys drink coffee EVERY morning or just every once in a while. I am an every once in a while kind of gal. Some times I need it and other days I don't. So, Aaron and I were talking this morning and trying to figure out what we are going to do this weekend. Originally, we thought we'd be going to Okoboji for the weekend but, that isn't going to work out. BOOO... :( May be next weekend though. So, we are thinking we are going to start taping our formal living room and dinner room and then paint, paint, paint away!!! No, we never taped the other night we I said we might. So, may be tonight... or tomorrow!?? Not sure yet but, we are ready to start the project!! This project is going to be just a little bit bigger then kitchen one last weekend. Hopefully, we are mentally prepared to do this....

I also had a banana with some Peanut Butter and another Activia Mixed Berry Smoothie for breakfast. Pretty much think PB and banana is the most amazing flavor combo EVER!!
Okay everyone- gotta run. Gotta get to work. Hope you all have a grrrreat Thursday!! :) Talk to you tonight!

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